The 101 Ashtead Surrey Rebel Ride
Riannas Fund
Our Story
For a third year in a row a large selection of the cycling community in Ashtead were once again rejected in their bid for a ballot place, into the ever popular London Pru 100! 
Is it a demographic conspiracy? Who knows, but who cares! So I floated an idea of a protest ride on our local Facebook cycling group page.  With a willing appetite for the ride, the idea of the Rebel Ride was born. 
With the help of many volunteers and a willing cafe owner from Bike Beans Café , we used this as a base to arrange an event that would be remembered as a brilliant day on the bike!
So approx. 40 cyclists in 3 groups embarked upon a day of drama and adventure - and pit themselves against the Tough 101 mile hilly ride (over 2000M).
Suffice to say plenty of stops along the way (5 in total) thanks to our army of volunteers, and a handful of strategically placed cafes on route - the Splash & Dash at the top of Chalk Pit Lane being the most memorable.
However, our proudest achievement is that all funds raised from the events were donated to a charity that is close to our hearts in the Ashtead Village Community:  Rianna's Fund